Investor Relations

Financial Highlights

Profit Attributable to Owners of the Company
Net Margin Cash Generated from Operations
Earnings Per Share
(S$ cents)
FY 2017 4,004.5M 372.8M 9.3%  499.9M 130.0
FY 2016 2,874.2M 215.9M 7.5% 265.7M 64.8
FY 2015 2,656.5M 154.0M 5.8% 260.1M 55.6
FY 2014* 2,465.5M 139.8M 5.7% 186.2M 50.9
FY 2013 2,329.6M 130.9M 5.6% 122.9M 47.7

*For better comparative purposes, FY 2014 numbers were before the effects of impairment arising from prior year adjustment. Please refer to our FY 2014 Annual Report for further details.